Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Week from H-E-Double...well, you know...

Almost one week ago today, I noticed some new visitors in Miss V's mouth.  Two of them in the center of her bottom gum line.  (Because, hey, why do one when we can have two?)  That's right - teeth!  Of course, I'd heard all the stories about fever, drool, not wanting to eat as much, and diarrhea accompanying teething, which is why I didn't start to get concerned until late Friday when a junky cough started developing.  And then said cough turned into a runny nose and vomiting lots of mucus.  As much as I have tried, "Spit it out!" just doesn't work with a 5-month old.  No, good old fashioned puking it up is how one so little gets rid of all the excess boogies in her system.  And, of course, you know one of those episodes had to occur in the swing while I was in the kitchen so it meant she was covered (and choking), the swing was covered, because of said choking I had to pick her up so I was covered and the rug got a lovely new spot added to the corner.  Sunday was also the beginning of the blowouts.  Y'all, I have never seen poop like this.  Poor Bibsy had to be thrown into the bath a couple of times because it was everywhere.  I have also decided that we would be using disposables until this part of the fun cleared up because dealing with a sick child was enough - I didn't need to be cleaning out a cloth diaper every time I turned around. 

We went to the doctor early Monday morning and the diagnosis was...are you ready?...this is exciting!...a really bad COLD.  :o|  Um, what?  I mean, I was thrilled that her ears were clear, that it wasn't the flu or RSV, but a cold can cause this kind of misery?!  And there is pretty much nothing we can do for her.  It just has to run its course.  We can sit with her in a steamy room to help loosen the congestion and we can put a pillow under one end of her crib mattress to help with the drainage but other than that, nada.  No decongestants.  No baby neti pots.  (ha!  I would try it!)  No cough medicine.  I did finally pick up some Vicks Baby Vapo Rub to see if it would help a little. 

I can tell Baby Bibs is on the mend, though.  She's been a milk fiend today.  If she could talk, she'd be saying, "Mommy, gimme all that milk NOW!" in her best growly voice.  She's also rolling onto her tummy, which she hadn't been doing at all earlier in this illness.  I guess lying on your tummy while sick isn't so comfortable.  I know she's still sick because she took an almost-two-hour nap this afternoon which she NEVER does.  And she still has that cough that makes me wish I could take it away and do all that coughing for her.  It breaks my heart to hear that ugly cough come out of her tiny little mouth.

Of course, I thought I'd share some pictures from today since V is feeling a little better.  :)

The best things ever.  They have helped me tremendously this week.

 Yep.  This face has pretty much been par for the course.

 She has started sucking her bottom lip - maybe because of her teeth?

 Tummy time today, complete with extra drool

5 months!

My apologies.  I took these pictures on V's 5-month birthday but have been slow in putting them up.  Possibly because my birthday (the big 3-5 aka "advanced maternal age") was two days later and then we've been dealing with a sickie (post about that next).  Without further ado, the 5 month pictures!

Chillin' at my home spa because, you know, 5 months old is hard work
Mid-sentence, I think
Mom?  Being your guinea pig model is kinda boring
Posing for the camera
I have these chill poses down pat, y'all