Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 months!

We've had another attack of the teething monster in our house, along with a MOPS retreat and a Grammy departure (temporarily), so that is why I have been slacking.  Oh, and the fact that if I don't watch my child like a HAWK, she will be climbing the stairs, opening the fireplace doors and trying to smash her fingers or play in the ashes, trying to scale the gate keeping her and the dogs separated (Qui does not like this mobile baby-thing), toppling our floor lamps, sticking fingers into the Wii, trying to open doors by reaching for doorknobs and generally getting into anything she can.  Is it a wonder I'm exhausted by the end of the day?  But she's still a good baby.  And her awesome baby laughs and smiles make my heart melt.  I do have to mention that recent accomplishments include saying "ight" and pointing at the light on the ceiling fan and figuring out how to feed Cheerios to the dogs (you would think Qui would want to be her BFF for that alone!).  Here's our big girl this month:
The best 10-month b-day present EVER.  A big container of Cheerios!
 Self-p (hence the "not quite on my game" face) - she'll understand the self-p someday.
 See?  Floor lamps don't stand a chance around here.
 Still puzzled by the sticker on the blanket.  What IS that?!
 Dada doing the Mr. Miyagi move to make her laugh.
 Dada is clearly hilarious.
 She is a little daredevil.  Seriously?  One hand holding on while on a chair?
 Smiling at Dada again.
 She is a happy baby.
 About to jump off the chair into Dada's arms!
 The point.  It's so cute it kills me.
 Happiest baby on the block.  I will have to capture her laugh on video.

Friday, July 15, 2011

She stands!

It's been an exciting week in our house.  Little Miss Busy has decided she's going to pull up on EVERYTHING.  And the child has no fear.  We went to my Grandma's house and Vivian decided to pull up on one of her barstools.  Then she decided to rock it a little and hold on tight as it toppled sideways.  I freaked out and thought she would be screaming crying.  Nope!  She had the biggest smile on her face as if to say, "That was fun!  Let's do it again!"  She has, obviously, taken some spills as she's learning to get up and down and has a tiny bruise on her right cheek from one of the falls.  It doesn't phase her in the least, though.  I managed to capture a few in-the-process-of-standing moments for the blog.

I like to pull up on my Leapfrog table, even though it's toppled once with me on it.  Oops!
 Taking a standing break to chew on the raspberry paci.  Did I mention she's getting 4 teeth right now?
 One leg up
 The other leg up
 And she's up!
 Ooh!  I think I'll pull up on the coffee table!
 OK, it's a little taller than my Leapfrog table... (and messier - sorry!)
 I'll still go for it.
 Wait a minute!  I see the boogie sucker!  I'm staying down on the floor.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The End of the Hippo

Vivian is getting her two top teeth, which is supposed to happen but it makes me sad that her little two-bottom-teeth grin will be no more soon.  I decided to snap some pics tonight to commemorate the little hippo smile before it's gone.  I love this little munchkin.  :)
Hippo teeth
 Seriously, the kid has inherited my talent for making faces
 Silly girl
 Smiling with a little hippo peeking out
 Showing off her cute teeth
 Just a cute smile for the camera
 Smiling again for Mama (who is making funny noises behind the camera)
 Making motorboat noises
 She loves making this noise.  I wish we actually had a boat she could motor around!  ;)
 Another silly face
 Baby giggles
 I love her sweet, sweet smile
 Hi mom!
 Curious about everything.  Maybe she'll be a scientist like her Dad?

9 months!

I say this every month, but where is the time going?  My tiny baby is growing up right before my eyes!  In this last week, she's pulled up on her own, started crawling instead of inchworming, started really drinking out of a sippy cup, decided she loves pizza and risotto (yeah - good eater!), tried to take a few steps while holding Mama or Grammy's hands, and grown way too much for my liking.  She was 29 1/4 inches at her 9-month appointment yesterday, which puts her in the 97% for height.  No wonder none of her clothes were fitting well...  And for your viewing enjoyment, the 9-month photo session!
I love standing up and trying to take steps now
 Honking Grammy's nose
 9 months old!
 Wiggling and making a funny face
 Smiling at Grammy
 I love to laugh
 Raspberries are pretty fun, too
 Taking after Mama and making funny faces
 Funny face numero dos
 Future career in Cirque du Soleil - backbend to take off the sticker
 Poking the Glowworm in the eye
 I still like holding my toes
 Somewhat smiling
 Pulling up to my knees
 Let me out, Mama!  There's a big world to explore!