Sunday, August 28, 2011

11 months!

Oh my goodness.  One more month and Vivian will be the big O-N-E!  I'd like to report that taking the monthly photos has gotten easier, that she sits well and does not wiggle, and is generally cooperative so that mommy can get a million cute pics one nice picture.  Alas, that is not the case.  I'm going to throw in a few pics we took earlier in the week so you can see how much she's changed.  She really is turning into a big girl!  She can walk behind her hippo, say "dada," "daddy," "doggie," "key (Qui)," "da (Dack)," "Hiiiiiii," and "HEY" like a champ.  I'm still waiting for "mama."  It's clear who is most loved in our house - Daddy and the doggies.  (No hard feelings there, Missy.)  She loves her little elf with a rattle in his hat, as well as her stuffed dogs.  And she gets the biggest smiles when we see doggies at the Farmer's Market.  She loooooves getting kisses, whether on her face or hands.  She is now giving us kisses and hugs, which is awesome.  (Except when she bites Daniel in the midst of a kiss.  Oops.)  We also play constant games of "Where's Vivian?" or "Where's Mama?"  And we have a little dancing queen on our hands - she loves to groove to her LeapFrog table, phone ringtones or whatever is playing on the radio.  She's changed so much in eleven months!  I can't wait to see what the future holds for our Miss Missy.
All dressed up for Emerson's birthday party
 Hair bow from Grammy
 Cheeks for weeks
 Playing with my frog, pre-party
 I love to crawl with my elf in my mouth (and try to touch mommy's camera lens)
 Checking out her toy bin with the elf in her mouth
 Mmmmm...elf hats taste like m&m's...
 You can see some of the teeth she cut in the past few weeks
 1-1?  What does that mean?
 Smiling at dada, as usual.  ;)
 Still chewing on the elf
 Hi Mama!  I love putting my little fingers all over your lens!
 Falling over laughing.  And waving "hi."
 Granddad says I'm #1.  I agree heartily!
 I see you!
 Love her smiles
 Lots of giggles when Dada is around
 Oh, hey mama!  I just noticed you there!  :)


So, we had about a month of actual pool weather here.  Not that I am complaining.  No siree.  But we had to introduce Vivian to the baby pool pretty quickly.  I decided to dump somewhat warm water from the faucet into the fun, inflatable whale pool from Aunt Jenni (note to self:  use a hose and wait for the dang water to warm up), wait a bit, and then see if Vivian liked the wading pool as much as the big pool.  As you can see from the evidence below, I think we'll be sticking with the floaty and the big pool...

 She looks pretty happy at the start...
 Actually, guys, I don't think I like this
 OK.  It's not as warm as my bath water.  I REALLY don't like this.
 No Grammy!  I don't want to go in there!
 Made it out.  Now where can I go to escape?
 If I go out the back of the pool, maybe they can't catch me.
 Funny escape artist
 Mad balancing skills (and awesome face) so she doesn't have to go back in
 Mom, I am not happy you made me go in that thing.
 All that escaping is tiring!