Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Week and a Half of Sunshine

So...what do you do when you've had it with the freezing cold, miserable winter?  Why, you go visit Grammy, Granddad and Aunt Jenni in sunny AZ!  Daniel only got a weekend trip but Vivian and I got to stay a whole ten days.  It was great.  First of all, there were six other willing arms to hold Baby Girl at all times.  Second of all, there were pedicures.  Third of all, there was sunshine galore.  Fourth of all, there were friends, baseball, margaritas, hotdogs, Coronas and a million other things that made it a great trip.  Here are some pictures of the highlights:  (OK, this may be more of a documentary than just highlights)

I got a fun sun hat and loved not wearing long pants or socks for a week and a half!
 I figured out that dipping my toes in the water was more fun if I held my head sideways
 I liked these Grammy and Granddad peeps, but the water was waaaaay fun, too.
 I sat up like a big girl on my own for the first time!
 We visited this crew and learned that pants are optional  ;)
 I believe this is where Carrie was repeating the mantra, "I love my life, it is peaceful, it is perfect."  :)
 Good to catch up with old friends!  (And good to learn that you have to act fast, otherwise you will not get a picture of the babies together.  Boooo.)
 I love my Aunt Jenni
 We got to meet Noah and catch up with Jamie!  (We ate at The Herb Box.  If you go, get their Market Sunflower Salad.  Trust me - it is amazing.)
 I got to celebrate my 6 month birthday!
 I learned how to do a stink eye.  (I didn't appreciate bubbles being blown in my face.)
 The obligatory picture with the mountains in the background.  Granddad got me to smile, though!
 Family pic for Grammy's birthday
 I got professional 6 month pictures done by this talented lady.  Mom thought I needed a tutu for some of the shots.
 Behind the scenes shot taken by Aunt Jenni
 What I really wanted to do was pull mommy's necklace off
 What they never show you:  this is what you have to do to get good shots of an infant
 AZ sunset
 I discovered that toes are delicious!
 I also discovered that I can multitask while chewing my toes
 Taken the day we left Grammy and Granddad's.  Thanks for all the fun!