Friday, May 27, 2011

Eight Months!

This cannot be possible.  How is she 2/3 of a year old already?  I keep telling Vivian that I am going to find a potion that will keep her small for just a little bit longer.  (Where is that stuff from "Alice in Wonderland" when you need it?)  This was definitely the most interesting of the photo shoots thus far.  Wiggles + camera = not a good mix.  Just keep that in mind when viewing these.  I finally had to call in Granddad and Aunt Jenni to get some decent pictures.  The pictures in the little whale romper were taken two days before her 8-month b-day...they were too cute not to include.

 You can see her new hair coming in (finally!)
 No one can get the smiles from her like dada can
 Grabbing my toes and smiling for the camera
 What do you mean I'm eight months old?
 Why, yes, I would like to put my little fingers all over your lens after I've been sucking on them.
 Grabbing my toes is my new form of entertainment
 Nope, no smiles for you
 OK, I'll smile...but only if I can eat my romper at the same time...
 RAWR!  I'm a T Rex!
 Oh Granddad, you are pretty funny!
 I love my Aunt Jenni
 Waving is also a new skill I've acquired
 This was right before biting it on the camera lens
 The best shot of the evening.  Sitting, kind of looking toward the camera and kind of smiling :)

Indy Children's Museum

Vivian and I got invited to go with some new friends to the Children's Museum a couple of weeks ago.  While the Vivster is still a little young to enjoy most of the museum, we did visit the Dora and Diego exhibit where she was able to crawl around in a little enclosure and play with some stuffed flowers (there were some bigger kids in there so I had to refrain from taking pictures to make sure she didn't get kicked in the head or stepped on).  I wanted to take a picture with the Dora or Diego statues, too, but every time I tried there was another kid running up yelling "Doooooooooooora!" or "Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeego!" and making out with climbing all over the statues, so no go on those pics.  We ended up going to the preschool play room, which was just the right speed for Miss V.  They had a toy pit with all sorts of balls, rolling tubes, blocks, and other irresistable-to-infants toys.  Here are a few pictures from our day:

 Mom?  Astronaut Dora told me that aliens will suck my brains.  Is that true?
 The ball pit.  (And a little diaper crack thrown in for your enjoyment.)
 This ball with the eleventy billion germs on it that other kids have left while chewing is AWESOME!
 Seriously, Mom?  Stop taking pictures and find me some toys like this for at-home fun.
 Aaaaand - this is not from the museum but a gratuitous shot of V in her new sun hat taken two days later after a playdate in the park.  I love how big it makes her cheeks look!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Fabulous Pre-Mother's Day Present

The Vivster has now been napping for almost two hours.  I just went in to poke her and make sure she was still breathing.  (She is.)  I am lucky if I get an hour nap a couple times a day out of this kid.  Hellooooooo time to kick back and catch up on the interwebz!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7 months!

If you noticed, I didn't post 6 month pictures on the blog.  That's because we decided to have this talented friend take pictures of the momentous occasion.  (It's not every day one turns half a year old!)  But never fear, I have pictures for this month!  Let's see...little miss is now trying to crawl (she does the up on all fours, rocking back and forth), trying very hard not to sit up (why sit when you can scoot and roll around all over the floor?), loving food of all sorts (broccoli, parsnips, pumpkin, blueberries, sweet potatoes, beans, hummus, pasta, bananas, mangoes), feeding herself Puffs (5 for 5 yesterday!), trying her darndest to pet the doggies whenever they are nearby, sleeping like a champ (12 hours - and if she wakes in the middle of the night, we know something is wrong), and all-around being a joy of a baby.  It has taken a lot of work to get to this stage but I am so enjoying her and being a mommy now.  Without further ado, here are the pictures of Miss Personality. 

I am 7 months old!
 Doing supermodel poses is hard work
 Whoa!  What is that thing on the blanket and why isn't it coming off?
 My other supermodel pose
 I would like your camera, please!
 Hi Dada!  I still think you are funny. at 7 months!  (Vanna, you'd better watch your back - Miss V is coming for your job!)
 As I said, wiggling on the tummy is much preferred to sitting
 I love books, so I'll pretend to read this one before I chew on it
I about died at this yesterday.  She was putting her head down to see her little face in the mirror.  Cute overload!  (Dear Photo Uploader - Why must you always jack with the formatting of pics in this blog?  I loathe you.)

Monday, May 2, 2011


We have ants.  And not hordes of ants, just one or two little "scout" ants who try to find any goodies and report back to their buddies where the stash of crumbs under the toaster fabulous ant nibbles are.  I convinced the Hubs that we needed ant traps after a full day of spraying orange Fantastik on any ant that dared make its way onto our countertop.  (It works and I didn't have Raid.  Bonus - the kitchen smelled nice and the counters got cleaned.)  Anyway, Daniel came home with Amdro ant traps.  Awesome - Amdro is what we used on fire ants in Texas and it was a miracle-worker.  Those little suckers loved the stuff.  Evidently, Indiana ants are smarter than Texas ants.  They will not go near the stupid traps.  I've even tried to nonchalantly move the traps into their walking path so they'll take a nibble.  No dice.  The scout ants run away like they somehow KNOW it's a little box of poison waiting to end their tiny ant lives.  Dangit.  Maybe I'll just have to resort back to my Fantastik...