Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mega post!

Yes, I've been slacking in the blogging department.  But I think I have an excuse - we now have a super-mobile kiddo who is trying to pull up on everything in sight.  Oh, there's a wall?  I think I'll try to climb it.  My pack n play?  It should be no problem to scale.  The kitchen chairs?  Been there, chewed on those seats (once I pulled up, of course).  And the doggies?  Their once-safe haven on the couch is no more.  She loves to try and peek at them.  Without further ado, here are the goings-on for the past couple of weeks:

Yep.  The Vivster barfed right into Daniel's mouth.  And he was so kind to not freak out while I snapped a couple of pics.  What a guy!
 Helloooooo Dack!  I see you!
 I bought this outfit for her last summer and am so stinkin' excited that it finally fits!
 Sitting up in her cute outfit
 Story time with Mama.  Notice the difference between this and with Aunt Jenni (below).
 Now she's kind of tilted over...
 Now she's semi-reclining and not looking at the book...
 OK, she's looking at the book.  (And hi to Qui in the background!)
 Now we've got toe-grabbing while reading...
 Cute shot of Vivian in her new dress before cousin Madison's graduation party
 With some boogies in her nose - I think she's teething again.
 Dada and Vivian looking at the camera and smiling
 Mama and Vivian smiling (seriously, this one took about 25 takes)

Aunt Jenni

Vivian loves her Aunt Jenni.  I mean, I can't even get her to sit still and listen to books like Aunt Jenni can.  Maybe she should start calling herself "The Baby Whisperer."  Oh wait...I think one of those already exists.  (But I bet Aunt Jenni could give her a run for her money.)  The evidence:
Fascinated by the "Shapes" book
 The page with heart shapes.  Just like I heart Aunt Jenni.
 Still fascinated (and sitting still!)
 Checking out the starfish.  It's my favorite picture in the book.  I kiss it every time I see it.
 Now on to colors (and still sitting nicely!)
 More colors
 Oh!  Hi Grammy!  I was so enthralled with Aunt Jenni's stories that I didn't notice you were there!
 OK, I will look at Dada for a picture
 Hiiiiiiiii Dada!
 Still smiling (and still sitting nicely!)